Septic Tank Surveys

Septic Tank Surveys & Inspections From DT Groundworks

When purchasing a house arranging for a septic tank system and soakaway drain field inspection is one of the most important things that you should do when looking to purchase a property in a rural location.

Replacement costs for a new sewage system can run into thousands of pounds and since a sewage system does not form part of a normal house survey, this could end up happening to you. Septic Tanks, although safe, can become dangerous over time if routine inspections, maintenance and repairs are not undertaken.


As a homeowner the last thing you want to be doing on a Saturday afternoon is poking your head instead your septic tank to see if everything is OK.  That’s why hundreds of customers trust us to handle septic tank surveys for them to make sure everything is running as it should or the house they are about to buy does not contain any nasty septic tank problems lurking. 

When carrying out a septic tank survey this involves checking the septic tank structure for any damage. After we have performed the survey we provide a report and talk through with you what we have found, and if required, any potential work that may need to be performed if defects are found.

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We only serve customers within a 40 mile radius of our Halifax base – please see the map for more information. We may be able to help on larger jobs further afield, however we do not offer a nationwide service.


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Septic Tank Survey Checklist

There are many factors that come into play when undertaking a septic tank survey, we have listed a few of the essential points when we perform an inspection.

  1. We make sure that your Septic Tank System complies with the Environment Agency General Binding Rules.
  2. We inspect the septic tank for signs of ‘backing-up’ from the drain field soakaway in the past.
  3. We inspect that no rainwater is entering the system from the gutters and drains.
  4. Checking that the design and size of the septic tank is suitable for the size of your family.

A Septic Tank System is a very delicate system between input, processing and output – therefore a proper septic tank survey is paramount to the continued success of this delicate flow. Fixing a septic tank problem can run into hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. That’s why we strongly recommend that you find out any errors before your purchase a rural property.

Septic Tank Surveys

What’s involved in a septic tank inspection?

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We are able to undertake an inspection of any off mains drainage system including septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and cesspits.

We will provide you with a pre-purchase survey report which will include:

  • Any damage that we find within the tank such as cracks or splits in the walls, or tree root damage
  • Written confirmation that any baffles or dip pipes are in place (these help your septic tank separate the waste and prevent solids from escaping from the tank – which causes soakaway problems).
  • Confirmation on your properties septic tank that it is the right size, or not, as per Building Regulations 2010 Part H.
  • Whether or not the system is compliant with current legislation and the new General Binding Rules due in 2020.
  • Clear explanations and plain english on anything that you are not 100% with (if you are unsure do please ask any questions).
  • Any recommendations, and ways forward, if problems are found.

Septic Tank Surveys

Septic Tank Survey Health Checks

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Think of this as your Septic Tanks MOT, just like your car, we are able to check that your septic tank is working properly and gives you piece of mind that everything is as it should be and your septic tank is running perfectly. We are able to spot any small issues before they turn into problems which may cost a lot of money to fix.


As well as piece of mind for you as a homeowner, just think of what this can do if you ever choose to sell your property. You will be able to showcase that your septic tank has had regular checks and is working properly, giving assurances to the buyer that they’ll be no nasty surprises arises from a septic tank which has been poorly maintained.

If you need to discuss our Septic Tank Health Check Service then please contact us on the number below.

Septic Tank Surveys

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