Here at DT Groundworks, we have a range of knowledge and equipment to carry out works from garden excavations with limited access, to mammoth muck shifting operations, which can see thousands of tonnes moved around the site or removed from the site.

We work closely with quarries and landfill in our area to provide the best prices for muck removal and supply of aggregate. We try to plan every project to ensure cost effectiveness and reduction of any impact to the local environment. Full setting out service is available.

We’re experts here at DT Groundworks across all the areas of services we provide, giving you the professionals to work on any project of any size with ease. When it comes to excavations, we can adapt to any task at hand, whether it be a garden with limited access or heavy loads of material that need to be removed from the site.

We’re able to work with quarries and landfills in our area that allow us to provide you with the best prices possible for muck removal and supply of aggregate. We always plan every project to ensure cost-effectiveness and the reduction of any impact to the environment.

Along with reducing the impact on the environment, we only partner with companies who apply the same high-standards we proudly employ to ensure that you are receiving not just the best service, but the best equipment and materials, so whatever work we do for our customers is of a high-quality and lasts.

The high standards that we set ourselves to allow for jobs such as excavation to be completed within a reasonable timeframe but at a high-quality so you are receiving exactly what you want. Not only this, but all of our employees are expertly trained to ensure that not only are they providing an excellent service, but they’re able to complete it efficiently and within a reasonable time.

The equipment we provide is only the best and allows us to tackle for any excavation thrown at us, therefore we’re able to complete the task at hand efficiently.

Expert Excavation Services and Groundwork Contractors in Leeds & Bradford

The following is a list of examples of what we can do but aren’t limited to:

  • Muck removal
  • Garden excavations
  • Excavations for footings
  • Excavations for retaining walls
  • Supply of aggregates and topsoil
  • Machine and driver hire
  • Full planning and setting out service
  • Site clearance
  • Removal of green waste
  • Ponds

No matter the size of the excavation, we’re able to take on any project. So, if you’re looking for excavation, contact us and we’ll be able to provide the information you need.

Excavation Services and Groundwork Contractors in Leeds & Bradford

We undertake excavations of any size, so whatever your project, please give us a call on  01274 023898 or fill in the form below

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