DT Groundworks are specialists in the repair, maintenance and installation of Septic Tanks in Wakefield. If you are visiting our company’s website today it’s because you are in need of help with your septic tank in Wakefield – please read on and see how we can help with any repair, installation and maintenance issues that you may have.

We work throughout Wakefield and the surrounding areas, as well as more rural locations where properties are not able to connect to a main sewer. These properties may have their own sewage system, such as a soak away, cesspit, sewage treatment plant or septic tank.

Need help with a soak away or septic tank problem in Wakefield?

If you’re having problems with the soak away or septic tank at your property, it would be beneficial to have a survey completed by DT Groundworks. The survey will help identify if the tank or drainage is in need or repair or replacement.

After we have performed the survey, we will send a report (within 7 working days) confirming our findings and we can then advise on the best foot forward. If your septic tank problem is beyond repair, we can provide an estimate to confirm how much it would cost to replace.

The survey cost covers a visual septic tank survey and report following which will confirm:

  • If the tank is in good working order
  • If the levels in the tank are correct
  • If the tank complies with the environment agency 2020 regulations (and if a sewage treatment plant would be required)
  • If any repair work is required to the unit or immediate drainage
  • If the property is in a ground water source protection zone


Septic Tank Services Wakefield include –

Septic Tank Surveys Wakefield
Septic Tank Inspections Wakefield
Septic Tank Maintenance Wakefield
Septic Tank Repair Wakefield
Septic Tank Installations Wakefield
Waste Disposal Wakefield
Waste Management Wakefield

Looking to install a new septic tank in Wakefield?

Whether you are looking to install a septic tank or drainage system at a new property, or replacing an existing one, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you make it a simple and straight forward process.

There is a lot of legislation around installing soakaways or septic tanks, so for a Quote Please Call Us Today on: 01274 023898

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