The excavation of land is a vital groundworks service that requires specialised skills and knowledge to be carried out. The type of excavation we decide to carry out depends on a number of important factors that we must consider before work begins. However, we often find that many property owners and project managers will insist on a specific technique for excavation. Below you will find four of the factors that determine what method an experienced groundwork contractor needs to consider before we start work on an excavation.

1.        The reason for the excavation to be carried out

Is the excavation this being carried out meant to remove trees or prepare a garden or building foundations. For example, when we are creating a garden space, we need to use a technique that preserves the subsoil using a specific machine for ground levelling. This same technique also applies to excavations that are being done for landscaping purposes.

2.        The type of soil at the site

As professional groundworks contractors, we always conduct a geotechnical survey of the area before we commence an excavation job. The study is conducted with the aim of finding out the subsoil below the property and therefore the most suitable method and equipment for us to use during the excavation. For example, if we are carrying out deep excavation in an area with very soft soil, we will have to use wall supports in order to keep it from crumbling.

3.        The size of the project being undertaken

This number one on the list of considerations we must make when choosing an excavation method. Of course, heavy machinery may get the job done quicker but it will not fit onto smaller sites and excavation sequencing is very useful on larger projects but it is uneconomical to use this method on much smaller projects.

4.        The conditions surrounding the site

The conditions surrounding the site will play a vital role in how we decide to excavate the area, including method, technique and time. For example, when we conducting an excavation close to an existing building, extensive planning must take place to avoid weakening the foundations of the structure. We must also consider other issues like drainage systems and vegetative cover.

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